A Behind The Scenes Look At How To Earn Money While Playing Xbox



When I was younger I used to dream about being able to just skip school and hang out at home playing video games…

Productive I know…

But I found it difficult to fit in with the “normal” kids so video games were a great escape from reality.

Before I knew it I was an adult and in order to survive I had to get a job so I could pay the bills, and buy food, etc…

It wasn’t too long until I started to realise that working a regular J.O.B (Just Over Broke) just wasn’t going to cut it for me…

I wanted more freedom, I wanted to control my time and create income on my own terms but at the time I had NO idea how I was going to accomplish this pipedream.

It wasn’t until I got fired from my job for having too many Mondays and Fridays off in a row that I decided to get serious about bringing this pipedream into a reality…

I didn’t even really notice how many sickies I was taking but it seems I tried to extend my weekends a little too often and they decided to let me go…

At the time I remember sitting on my lounge looking out the window thinking, “How in the world am I going to pay my rent next week”…

And I started to have a little panic attack.

It was in that moment I made a DECISION that I was going to do whatever it took to create my OWN income, and that I was never going to allow some “boss” to dictate my income and my future ever again.

I had no idea how I was going to accomplish this goal but I was willing to do whatever it took.

My first brilliant idea was to try and create an income through music because at the time I was writing songs and recording them on my new computer, which was the very first computer I had ever owned!

I actually borrowed the money from a relative to purchase that computer.

I specifically chose the computer that came with a recording studio package.

Now just so you know the only reason why I thought I had a chance at creating an income with my music was because almost everyone who heard my CD loved it.

I also made it into the finals of an original singer song writers competition, and had three of my songs played on the local radio…

There was a time when my CD “Look No Hands” started to spread throughout the Sunshine Coast.

I actually dropped my brother off at a random house party one time and he told me that my CD was playing when he walked into the house.

People didn’t believe him when he told them that I was his brother!

Haha… crazy!

But it wasn’t too long before I realised that the music industry wasn’t for me…

For one I wasn’t a HUGE fan of having to get on stage with my guitar and sing my songs in front of a bunch of strangers…

I knew this was going to be a big part of what it takes to be successful as a solo singer song writer.

So I decided to look for another way to create an income…

At the time I had found another job building roof trusses (you know the triangles holding your roof up?) just so I could pay the bills, etc but I HATED it!

I felt like a zombie…

I couldn’t help but think WHY are we here on this earth?

Just to work 8+ hours a day, 5+ days a week and party on the weekends?!

It was killing me inside!

And then it seemed like out of nowhere the thought entered my mind “Use the internet to make money”.

I started to get excited at the thought of being able to make money from home using just my computer and an internet connection…

But at the time I had NO idea about the internet or even how it worked.

The only thing I knew about the internet was the phrase “Email”…

Which at the time was very foreign to me, I kind of understood the concept of email but had NO idea about how to set one up or send email.

But that wasn’t going to stop me!

I remember my girlfriend at the time had the internet on at her place, so the next time I went over to her place I jumped straight onto her computer and typed this search term into Google: How to make money online.

From that very moment it was like I got sucked into a vortex that would last to this very day, 6+ years later!

I KNEW the answer to my freedom was within this new world I had just discovered but there was SO much information I didn’t know where to start…

I remember clicking on a Google search result and it lead me to a page where I was asked for my email address in exchange for more information on how to use the internet to make money…

You can bet your bottom dollar that I was entering my brand new email address into that website.

Then I was redirected to a webpage which offered an ebook for $37.

That’s where the search ended for me I’m afraid.

This was one of the very first times I had ever used the internet and it was asking for me to buy an ebook, which at the time I had no idea what an ebook was and I didn’t really even have the $37 spare to buy it…

But from that day forward I found it hard to sleep!

All I could think about was the fact that there ARE people using the internet to build businesses and create their own incomes!

I started heavily dreaming about working from home.

Never having to answer to a boss ever again!

I could SMASH my dreaded alarm clock!

As the days past and my excitement of the thought of freedom grew I started to receive emails from this women’s website where I entered my email address into which continued to spike my excitement.

And before too long I had purchased that ebook and further down the rabbit hole I went.

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of that specific ebook I purchased that day, I’d love to re-read it today…

However I’m so grateful I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my dream of creating my OWN income online…

In the past two years alone I’ve made over $185,000 which is not bad considering I used to get paid around $35,000 per year at my previous jobs, and I get to control my OWN time!

I can now actually make money while playing video games! Haha…

So now the BIG question is…

How do you make money using the internet?!

Over the years of learning how to create an income using the internet I’ve discovered that there are A LOT of ways to use the internet to earn money…

However in the rest of this blog post I’m going to share with you the specific method that I’ve personally used to make $185,000+ in the past couple of years using nothing but my laptop and an internet connection.

Spoiler Alert: There is NO magic software where you can just push a button and the internet gods will start raining cash down on you…. This does NOT exist!

Here is the TRUTH: If you are SERIOUS about using the internet to create your own income you have to be willing to believe in yourself and TAKE ACTION daily towards your goal!

Now that we have the obvious out of the way let’s dive into this…

Ok, when it comes to making money online (the way I do it) you need three things:

1 – Something to sell.
2 – A sales funnel to sell the product for you.
3 – Targeted traffic.

That’s it!

When you piece together these three things you will have the ability to make money while you’re sleeping or even while you’re hanging out playing Assassins Creed Black Flag!

Now when the “normal” person reads that last sentence they will instantly start to think SCAM… it’s impossible to make money without working hard at your job!

Blah Blah Blah…

If these thoughts have entered your mind and you’re looking to prove yourself right, then you’re welcome to close down this blog post…

I can’t help you…

However for the people who get excited at the thought of being able to make money on complete autopilot let’s go further down the rabbit hole together and piece this puzzle together.


1 – Something to Sell.

When it comes to making money in general you need something of value to exchange for money.

If you’re working a job you’re trading your time for dollars, which I personally believe is the worst way to earn money because you’re time is limited, we only have 24 hours in a day.

If you’re in business then you’re trading a product, system or a service for dollars.

This is my preferred method of creating an income because you’re not limited to how many products you can sell in a single day, so instantly your income has no limits…

You have a lot of options when it comes to what products to sell online however what I focus on is selling products that pay me FIRST, so once I make a sale there is NO waiting for commissions.

I personally sell IBK which pays $150usd per sale, you can Click Here to learn more…


2 – A Sales Funnel to Sell The Product FOR You.

Now once you have a product to sell (that preferably pays instant commissions) the very next thing you need is a sales funnel which does the selling FOR you…

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, it’s basically a series of webpages that converts interested prospects into paying customers on autopilot…

Here is an example of a basic Sales Funnel:

Sales Funnel

Click Here for a better explanation of how a sales funnel works.

For the sake of this blog post I will explain how a sales funnel works like this…

Remember when I first used the internet at my girlfriends place and searched the term “How to make money online”?

Do you remember the process I went through before I bought that ebook?

Just in case you forgot here is a refresher…

When I searched in Google for “How to make money online” there were a lot of search results, I decided to click on one of these results.

This took me to a website which basically instructed me if I wanted to learn more about how to make money online I had to “Enter my email address”…

This is the first piece of the sales funnel.

You want to capture “interested” people’s email addresses and store them in an email autoresponder, we call this building an email list.

NOTE: An email autoresponder is an online service which allows us to store people’s details such as name, email, phone number, etc and it also allows us to create an automated email follow up series that drips into your prospects email inboxes on complete autopilot. We can also write up one email and send it out to our entire email list with the push of a button.

Basically an autoresponder allows us to capture “interested” people’s emails and follow up with them on complete autopilot.

Now, after I entered my email I was then redirected to another website that was selling a $37 ebook on the subject I was interested in, this is called the Sales Page.

If you remember I didn’t make the decision to buy straight away.

However over time I started to receive emails from the women who owned the website sending me back to the sales page, and I ended up making the decision to purchase the ebook.

BAM… This women just made automated income using the internet!

She could have been hanging out with the family or friends, reading a book, playing the xbox, or even SLEEPING!

A sales funnel allows you to create income on complete autopilot, it also allows you to tap into the worldwide market place thanks to the internet!

The moment I discovered the term sales funnel and really understood the concept I was OBSESSED…

I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t like to create automated income?

It beats slaving away at a J.O.B for 8+ hours a day 5+ days a week!


3 – Targeted Traffic

Now once you have a product to sell (that pays your FIRST) and a sales funnel set up that sells the product FOR you, the very next thing you need is targeted traffic.

You need interested people going through your sales funnel DAILY.

For the sake of this post I’m not going to get into traffic strategies because there really are A LOT of ways to drive traffic online…

If you want to learn some of the ways I’m driving traffic and making sales online just CLICK HERE and go further down the rabbit hole.

I also recently created a YouTube Traffic Guide which outlines exactly how I use YouTube to generate traffic, if you want me to send that over to you just comment below and I’ll send it over.


Piecing It All Together In REAL Time.


Ok, so I’ve shared a lot with you here today and I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture but I want to really drive this home for you with a real world example of automated income using the internet.

So this morning I had the intention of doing some work online and finishing off a new sales video I’m working on however I’m currently looking after my little niece who’s only 6 years old.


Needless to say she’s a little handful! LOL

So instead of doing some work this morning I decided to play the Xbox One, Assassins Creed: Black Flag.

Me Thumbs Up EDITED

And while I was manning the helm of the pirate ship (LOL) my phone chimed off letting me know that I’d just made another IBK sale which is $150usd.

Here’s a screenshot of my phone:


The cool thing is that I live in Australia so when the USD currency converts to AUD it’s around $200, it goes up and down as the currency fluctuates.

Keep in mind I used to make around $100/day working 8+ hours a day at my old job…

Here is a screenshot of inside my online payment processor:

Stripe 20

You can see that’s a cool $197.28 AUD that I made while hanging out playing Xbox, and it’s not even midday yet…

And as you know this is possible thanks to the sales funnel I have set up which sells IBK.

Let’s see it in action!

Now just so you can see that everything I have shared with you so far today is REAL I want to be completely transparent with you and show you each step today’s customer took before making the decision to buy.

So when someone enters their email into your capture page your autoresponder service sends you an email notification with some information about your new lead.

You can see in the image below this person who purchased today actually entered his email address into my capture page almost 2 years ago!


(Click the Image to Enlarge)

From the moment he entered his email he would have started receiving my follow up emails with information about how to use the internet to create an income.

Just recently on the 10th of January he decided to enter his email into the optin box on my blog, which is basically a mini capture page.

Here are the optin boxes on my blog:

Blog Optin 1

Blog Optin 2

And just so you know EXACTLY where this person entered his email here is my autoresponder email notification, you can see he entered his email into the top optin box on my blog.

Aweber Notification

If you remember the first part of the sales funnel is to drive interested people to a capture page and capture their email address so you can follow up.

This is the first part of the sales funnel:

Sales Funnel Capture Page

Now when this person entered his email into my capture page (Optin Box) he was then redirected to the sales page…

Here is one of the IBK sales pages:

IBK Sales Page

Now at this point people have the option to purchase the product straight away but just like I wasn’t ready to buy when I first stumbled on that ebook for $37 all those years ago, this customer wasn’t ready to purchase IBK the very first time he saw it either.

The Sales Page is the second part of the sales funnel:

Sales Funnel Sales Page

At this point the potential customer showed an interest but wasn’t ready to buy, this is where the email autoresponder does its job by following up with the potential customer.

Here is a sneak peek at my current follow up email series:

AR Emails

You can see these are the first 7 emails that slowly drip out into the prospects email inbox…

Granted I need to switch this up and create a more value based email series but you can see people still buy IBK from these follow up emails…

This is the third part of the sales funnel, the autoresponder:

Sales Funnel - AR

The really cool thing about this part of the sales funnel is your autoresponder can stay in contact with interested prospects on autopilot and when they are ready to make the decision to buy, your sales page is in their email inbox ready for them to click the button and make their purchase…

And when people make the decision to buy “BAM” you’ve just made $150usd all on complete autopilot!




When I sat down to write this blog post I really didn’t intend on writing a short novel (LOL), however I wanted to be completely transparent and share with you exactly how I’m using the internet to create an income on my OWN terms.

I’m really hoping that this blog post finds its way in front of someone who is in the very position I was all those years ago.

Someone who is sick and tired of working a J.O.B (Just Over Broke), and who knows deep down that there must be a better way to create an income.

And if this is you, then I want to say to you: There IS a better way!

I just laid out ONE way of using the internet to create an income, and as I’ve previously mentioned there are A LOT of ways to accomplish this goal.

At the end of the day if you have a product, a system or a service to sell and you have a sales funnel set up to sell your offer for you, and you learn how to drive traffic you’ll be GOLDEN!

Is it going to be easy?


But trust me, it will all be WORTH it!

To your success!

ME Small PIC

Billee Brady Name PIC

P.S. If you’re interested in learning how to set up a sales funnel that sells IBK for you and pays you $150usd per sale, I highly recommend taking a serious look into IBK.

Click Here to learn more about IBK.

Once you make a decision to buy you will create your login details and then you will have access to the member’s area…

Inside your members area you will notice an IB Setup section which is your Internet Business Setup Section, this is your sales funnel.

When you click on the Sales Page Setup tab I will teach you how to set up your sales page so you can start earning $150usd INSTANT payments.

Sales Page Setup

Once you have followed the simple instructions your sales page part of your funnel will be done, and you will be ready to start earning $150usd payments.

Sales Page Part Of Funnel

From there you will move onto the Autoresponder and Email Set Up section.

AR Setup

Once you have followed the simple instructions your email autoresponder will be set up.

AR Setup Complete

From there you will move onto the Capture Page Setup section.

Capture Page Setup

Once you have followed the simple instructions your capture pages will be setup and you’ll be ready to start generating leads and building your email list.

Capture Page Completed

At this point your sales funnel will be completely set up and now it’s time to start focusing on driving traffic through your sales funnel.

So your next step will be to move over to the Traffic Section and start learning and taking action on some of the traffic strategies we teach inside IBK.

Traffic Section

Once you apply the traffic strategies you will start getting people going through your sales funnel, which as you’ve seen today can result in $150usd instant payments!

Traffic Completed

Click Here and Get Started Today!




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