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You may not be aware of this yet but your decision to get started whether it be purchasing a new training course or joining a business opportunity, doesn’t only effect you!

Your decision to get started can change the life’s of other people in this world and I’m not just talking about your friends and family.

I’m talking about people that you’ve personally never even met yet.

Let me explain:

You see when I made my very first decision to get started in a business opportunity my main focus was to make enough money so I could quit my courier driving job.

I just wanted to be free to wake up when I wanted to wake up and spend the day doing the things that I wanted to do.

You can probably relate?

However, over time as I started to work things out and started making a consistent income online I started to see success stories pop up.

I started changing other people’s lives!

And honestly I personally don’t know how many live’s that I’ve had an impact on.

But here are two examples of what’s possible when YOU make a decision to get started.

In one of the first business opportunities that I started seeing consistent results in I had a girl by the name of Jenny get started with me.

Jenny lives in the Philippines where the minimum wage is $8 per day!

I can remember when she first started reaching out to me asking questions about the business I was promoting.

I remember her saying that she was trying to scrape the money together to get started, the amount to get started in this particular business opportunity was $120usd.

At the time I didn’t think too much of it because I had A LOT of people messaging me on Facebook DAILY wanting to get started.

But soon enough Jenny got started with me and I sent her over the training that taught her the simple Facebook Strategy I was using to make $100 – $500+ per day.

And not long after I had sent her over the training I started to see her posting pics of her $100usd commissions on Facebook!

Keep in mind the minimum wage in the Philippines is only $8 PER DAY!

So $100usd per day was HUGE for Jenny!

But it didn’t stop there, Jenny started making $100+ virtually everyday by applying this simple Facebook strategy.

I can remember her biggest day being something like $700+…

This is HUGE for Jenny.

And to this very day Jenny is still using this same simple Facebook strategy to make money using Facebook.

Checkout one of Jenny’s recent Facebook posts: (Enable Images)

The cool thing is that I can only imagine how many live’s Jenny has had an impact on, and it ALL started with her decision to just get started.

Here is another example of what making a decision to get started can do… 

More recently I created my own little internet company teaching people how to make $150+ a day using Facebook and YouTube.

And I had another girl by the name of Alicia reach out to me asking questions about what I do online to make money.

I showed her this video, and after a few more questions she made a decision to just get started.

At the time Alicia had no idea about how to use the internet to make money, internet marketing or anything like that…

I sent her over the training which showed her the Simple Facebook Strategy and as they say the rest is history!

Alicia has gone on to make well over 6 figures online and she now promotes about 6 online businesses.

She has also retired her husband from his 9 – 5 job!

Checkout one of Alicia’s recent Facebook posts:

And again the cool thing is that Alicia has gone on to impact A LOT of people’s lives and it ALL started from her making a decision to just get started.

To cut an already long email short, the moral of the story is:

Your decision to get started doesn’t only effect you, you have the ability to make an impact in this world!

I know this is probably not your main goal right now, your main goal is probably the same as mine was when I made the decision to get started which was to just make enough money to be free from my dead end courier driving job.

But just know this is bigger than you.

And when you create your very first success story you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about here…

However it ALL starts with YOU just making a DECISION to get started TODAY.

I created a video a little while back which explains this more… it’s called the $10K Side Effect.

Click Play to watch the video now:

OR… Click Here to watch the video.

I’ll end the blog post with this…

If you know deep down that life is more than just settling for some J.O.B, and that you have the ability to create a positive impact in this world then it’s time to make a decision.

Whether it’s to watch this video and get started, or it’s to purchase that course to develop your skill sets in a certain area just DO IT.

This life is not a dress rehearsal!

We only get one shot and we might as well make it count.

Just get started TODAY, and do something everyday which moves you towards your ultimate goal in life.

There’s no telling the impact you can make in this world.

Just Click Here and Take ACTION!

See you in the video!

Billee Brady

P.S. If you’ve had the great fortune of impacting other people’s lives from the decision to get started in that business opportunity or to purchase that course I’d love to hear about it, feel free to share by leaving a comment below…




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